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Albeit their rather austere looks, Joranalogue modules are packed with "new approaches and techniques to the Eurorack platform, making waves in the stagnant waters of analogue synthesis". Worth mentioning is Contour 1, an essential multi-purpose tool.

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180206_1 Joranalogue - Select 2
For Select 2, there is a task in every patch! The module consists of two precision CV processors, which are useable for audio material as well. Select 2 allows you to create, switch, mute, hold, invert, attenuate, offset, add / mix and...
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Net price: €124.37

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220585_1 Joranalogue - Step 8
Joranalogue Step 8 is a sequential tracking/sampling register that can be configured in many different ways.
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Net price: €292.44

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170319_1 Joranalogue - Switch 4
Switch 4 is a great tool for live performers. The module can be used to quickly turn audio signals or control voltages on and off. Thanks to two types of switching channels, the routing can be changed in no time at all. On top of this,...
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Net price: €93.28

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190152_1 Joranalogue - Transmit 2
Transmit 2 offers two line level XLR outputs with gain controls plus a headphones channel.
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Net price: €163.87

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