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Juergen Michalis was doing repairs and modifications of analog gear for Berlin techno acts before he tried to release the final solution for the ultimative bass drum. His answer took shape with the famous X-Base09. A plethora of products followed and his drum machines and modules have found a home in the racks and studios of numerous well-known musicians.

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120694_1 JoMoX - MBase11 Bass Drum Synth
Made for one thing ! BASSDRUMS and that better than ever before. The new MBase11 is the logical sequel to the MBase01 and has better performance, more flexibility and of course a much fatter Sound (is it possible? Believe us, it is!)....
€216.40 *
Net price: €186.55

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160040_1 Jomox - T-Rackonizer
The voltage controllable Eurorack module version of the T-Resonator is an interesant concept of two low pass flters and an effect. As the two filters feature cross-modulation, positive and negative feedbacks and their cutoff frequencies...
€310.96 *
Net price: €268.07

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170203_1 Jomox Alpha Base
Punchy rhythms guaranteed! – The Alpha Base is a high-end drum machine featuring eleven instruments, sampling capabilities, effects and a sequencer. In detail, the unit offers analog kick and snare circuits, a total of six hybrid voices,...
€1,656.17 *
Net price: €1,427.73

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130363_1 JoMoX ModBase09 Bass Drum Module
Analog bass drum voice module with the legendary JoMoX sound. The module features 100 slots of memory, fixed and assignable CV inputs and an internal LFO. MIDI control via rear buss and an internal mix bus in case you want to make an...
€388.94 *
Net price: €335.29

Not available anymore.

120699_1 Jomox T-Resonator II
JoMoX´ T-Resonator is a very special stereo effect and filter unit, surprising over and over again, because it is making effects on the base of a new idea, resonant interconnections like in an neuronal network. It´s bigger brother the...
€271.97 *
Net price: €234.46

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