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In Kiel, Instruments of Things produce interfaces between people and modular systems. The sensors detect movements and generate wireless control voltages for the Eurorack.

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210140_1 Instruments of Things - IO Lights
Light-Sensitive Midi Controller
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Net price: €74.79

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200021_1 Instruments of Things - Motion Sensor Clothing...
A plastic clip for attaching Movesense motion sensors to a pocket, waist band, shoe, placket or any other textile feature.
€9.50 *
Net price: €7.98

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200022_1 Instruments of Things - Motion Sensor Wrist Band
A size-adjustable and comfortable wrist band for Movesense motion sensors. The perfect solution for live performances.
€14.00 *
Net price: €11.76

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190549_1 Instruments of Things - Movesense Motion Sensor
Movesense motion sensor High precision motion capture control Three axes for three parameters that can be mapped independently Low latency applications 9-DOF sensor fusion Up to seven sensors can be used simultaneously
€105.00 *
Net price: €88.24

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