Haken Audio Continuum (half size) incl. EaganMatrix Expander

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Three-dimensional, polyphonic control surface with luxurious feel. X-axis –... more
Product information "Haken Audio Continuum (half size) incl. EaganMatrix Expander"

The Continuum Fingerboard is a MIDI performance instrument with an innovative, three-dimensional control surface. Thanks to its polyphonic, modular DSP engine, the Fingerboard can not only be used for playing external hardware and software synthesizers, but as a stand-alone device as well. Sounds produced by the internal sound generator are very atmospheric. The multi-gesture control surface enables musicians to create extremely expressive performances. In detail, movements on the X, Y and Z axes are evaluated. – Of up to 16 fingers! The X-axis is used to generate pitch data. With slight movements to the left and right, users can create vibrato effects. Vigorous wiping gestures over a large area of the playing surface result in seamless, high-resolution glissandi. The Y-axis can be used to generate additional MIDI data. – More or less a modulation wheel per finger. The Z-axis is somewhat of a velocity and polyphonic aftertouch control. Via expanders, users can add more DSP power and CV connectors to their instrument. (Sold separately) The Continuum Fingerboard offered here is the half-size version with a pitch range of nearly four octaves.

  • Three-dimensional, polyphonic control surface with luxurious feel.
    • X-axis – Determines the pitch
    • Y-axis – Configurable, can send any MIDI CC message
    • Z-axis – Configurable, can send any MIDI CC message
  • Up to 16 “keystrokes”, each with X, Y and Z axes, are evaluated simultaneously.
  • A pitch range of nearly four octaves is available while using conventional scaling. (4610 cents)
  • High-resolution pitch scaling allows for seamless polyphonic glissandi and extremely nuanced interval tuning. (Resolution higher than 0.1 cents)
  • A high-performance MIDI signal flow guarantees ultra-fast response.
  • Intelligent quantizing with preset and user definable scales.
  • Scalable pitch processing allows musicians to use non-linear pitch mappings.
  • A mono mode makes it possible to retrigger sounds or create glide effects with multiple fingers.
  • Editable pitch-bend range.
  • Split and layer modes.
  • Internal DSP sound generator with up to 32 voices.
  • EaganMatrix modular synthesizer. It was especially designed to take advantage of the expressive possibilities of the Continuum Fingerboard.
  • About 350 presets.
  • Dedicated communication algorithms for the DSP hardware made by Symbolic Sound Corporation. (Kyma)
  • The Fingerboard can be configured via its surface, a software editor (Windows / OSX) or the MIDI input.
  • Analog stereo audio output featuring 24 Bit converters.
  • Digital audio output (AES3, 24 bit. The sample rate can be either 48 kHz or 96 kHz. Alternatively, it is possible to synchronize the output to the digital input.)
  • Digital audio input (AES3, 24 bit. The sample rate can range from 32 to 192 kHz.)
  • MIDI DIN input and output
  • Two pedal inputs with dynamic sustain and sostenuto functions.

  • Continuum Voltage Converter (CVC):  Adds a total of 16 CV and gate outputs to the Fingerboard. (Sold separately)

Haken Audio constantly seeks to optimize the Continuum Fingerboard’s performance and functionality. The same goes for the EaganMatrix synthesizer, which is steadily updated with new sound processors. The most recent firmware for the Continuum Fingerboard can be found here.

The hardware unit Continuum EaganMatrix Expander (alias CEE) expands the polyphony of the internal sound engine of the Haken Continuum, the EaganMatrix. The expander triples the computation power of the Continuum, thereby tripling the polyphony. This is useful when more than 16 fingers are touching the surface or you play a lot of percusive sounds with long release times.

External videos:

Power consumption +5V: 19
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