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Jürgen Haible was a real creative who came up with many great designs. After his death, Random*Source made it their mission to breathe new life into these almost forgotten devices.

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220066_1 Haible - Living VCOs
VCO highlight that brings back the times of "untamed bass" (early Moog, VCS3) and at the same time provides an oscillator range of more than 5 octaves with highly controllable and pleasant slow beating.
€865.00 *
Net price: €726.89

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210168_1 Haible - TAU Phaser
Wow! Eurorack version of Jürgen Haible's legendary interpretation of the ultra rare Tau "The Pipe" Flanger from the 70s.
€400.00 *
Net price: €336.13

Pre-order - Delivery date t.b.d.

230112_1 Haible - VC Poly Resonator
The Haible VC Resonator is based on the wonderful Polymoog-inspired Resonator by Jürgen Haible and brings it to Eurorack.
€449.00 *
Net price: €377.31

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