Hackme Electronics - Vectr (black front)

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The technology used in the Vectr module generates an electrical field within a distance of 15cm... more
Product information "Hackme Electronics - Vectr (black front)"

A new, touch-free, 3D controller working with precise and fluid cutting-edge sensor technology. At the same time it's a multi-track sequencer with loopable gesture record function, overdub, gesture control of playback, quantization and much more.
The module has been developed with the idea of a centerpiece for a whole modular system in mind, with opertaion modes ranging from simple to very deep but still remaining intuitive.

The technology used in the Vectr module generates an electrical field within a distance of 15cm from the surface and senses disturbances in this field, caused by your hand or any other conductive object. Vectr construes position and movement of the hand into three values with associated CV: left-right ,up-down and near-far. The control surface is illuminated by LEDs, giving visual feedback with changing color corresponding to the user's hand movement.

The basic function as controller alone is fun but Vector is also a sequencer that can record hand movements 50 seconds or longer.
The sequences can be played back when receiving a trigger and manipulated in real time, like slowing down or speeding up, overdub, quantization or more.

The menu has a number of options like five different voltage ranges, quantization with four scales, variable characteristic (logarithmic to linear to antilogarithmic) and slew.
Record, playback and overdub can be activated by internal or external triggers with selectable trigger modes. Playback looping offers a number of directions like one-shot, pendulum, retrigger and flip.
In performance mode you can overdub a playing sequence on one or more axis, quickly switch between up to four recorded sequences, "scratch" the sequence like a vinyl record or mute by quickly turning outputs on and off

HE: 3
TE: 34
Depth: 25
Power consumption +12V: 200
Power consumption -12V: 50
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