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Not making any compromises with quality, GRP is a fine electronic music instrument maker providing handcrafted products from Rome.

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220189_1 Grp Synthesizer - A1
The GRP A1 is the compact variant into the world of GRP, well known for high build-quality and a well thought-out design.
€585.00 *
Net price: €491.60

In stock

180178_1 Grp Synthesizer - A2
The A2 is, so to speak, the essence of the GRP sound and design philosophy. Anyone interested in a compact yet complex analog synthesizer should have a look at this awesome synthesizer.
€1,785.00 *
Net price: €1,500.00

Expected to arrive on: 7 June 2024

180179_1 Grp Synthesizer - A4
The A4 of Italian manufacturer GRP is the successor of the limited and "oversized" A8 /A6 synthesizers. It is strongly influenced by these and shares traits of their sound generation and their sequencer unit. The operating concept of...
€6,275.00 *
Net price: €5,273.11

In stock

180177_1 Grp Synthesizer - R24
The R24 is a massive statement when it comes to classic analog sequencing. You will find many unique ideas and a very straightforward interface within this unit. Everything is always in view and there is an assigned button for each...
€2,368.00 *
Net price: €1,989.92

In stock

190666_1 Grp Synthesizer - Vocoder V22
Fully analog 22-band vocoder with twenty bandpass filters, one lowpass filter and one highpass filter, analysis section with compressor and noise gate in a noble, large housing with wooden side panels and 6.3mm sockets, midi integration,...
€4,698.00 *
Net price: €3,947.90

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