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With Eric Archer at the head, Rare Waves offer since 2012 from their HQ in Texas fully analog circuitry in our digital age.

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150326_1 Grendel - Drone Commander 2
More than just an Eurorack variant of the popular but discontinued Drone Commander in the funky ammo box - the DC2 continues where its father left off. It remains a drone-ish analog synthesizer with an unique, fantastic transistor sound...
€486.42 *
Net price: €419.33

Coming soon

150327_1 Grendel - Drone Commander 2 Expander
Expansion module for the Drone Commander 2 which makes 18 sockets available, from CV inputs to in- and outputs for Clock, LFOs and other signals.
€125.75 *
Net price: €108.41

Coming soon

170268_1 Grendel - Drone Commander Classic Pedal
The Drone Commander Classic Pedal is an analog synthesizer with original, powerful sound. The instrument is composed of two oscillators, a bandpass filter with self-oscillation and overdrive as well as a complex LFO. Thanks to a foot...
€427.93 *
Net price: €368.91

Coming soon

200011_1 Grendel - RA-99 Grenadier
The Grenadier RA-99 is the successor of the Grenadier RA-9, a semi-modular analog synthesizer with variable waveform VCO, triple resonant filter (2x bandpass and 1x lowpass), sub oscillator and pink noise and audio input for external...
€564.40 *
Net price: €486.55

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