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210385_1 Fred's lab - Buzzzy
16-voice, 4-part multitimbral polysynth with effects processor and arpeggiator.
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Net price: €167.23

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on: 27 June 2022

210384_1 Fred's Lab - Töörö
Quad multitimbral six-voice hybrid polysynth with versatile digital sound generation and analog filters inspired by classic wavetable synthesizers of the eighties.
€499.00 *
Net price: €419.33

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210817_1 Fred's Lab - ZeKit
ZeKit is a hand-assembled 4 voice paraphonic microsynth, with digital oscillators and a 12dB/oct low & band-pass VCF. Additionally, it features a simple step sequencer, an optocoupler VCA and two analog AR envelopes.
€209.00 *
Net price: €175.63

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