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Rick Burnett designs and builds solid and reliable modules since 2015. His cooperation with Steady State Fate has yielded the very interesting Structure video synthesis module.

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160193_1 Erogenous Tones - LEVIT8
Few modules can beat the LEVIT8's high density of functions, which has eight channels that can be used as individual attenautors, amplifiers, inverters of offset generators. Optionally it features three different mix configurations with...
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Net price: €216.81

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190317_1 Erogenous Tones - Structure
Structure is the first video synthesis module made by Erogenous Tones. It is a visual generator module that is based internally on an OpenGL GLSL node based platform. It uses the concept of node structures to push visuals through the...
€1,398.00 *
Net price: €1,174.79

Expected to arrive on: 1 May 2024