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Epoch Modular keeps alive the legacy of Rob Hordijk, a veteran Dutch synth designer mostly known for the Twin Peak filter and the Benjolin, a particular sound generator fed by the shift register, named Rungler.

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130238_1 Epoch Modular - Benjolin
The Benjolin's circuitry is based on Rob Hordijk's well-known Blippoo Box, an unique instrument. It is a chaotic sound generator with 2 VCOs that are played autonomously by the "Rungler", a type of shift register that gets it's signals...
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150175_1 Epoch Modular - Twin Peak VCF MK2
The Twinpeak module is not only inspired by the TwinPeak-Resonator from Rod Hordijk's Blippoo Box but also designed by Hordijk especially for Epoch Modular. It is a dual 12dB filter with variable characteristic, from low pass to a dual...
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Net price: €309.24

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