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220170_1 Chase Bliss Audio - Habit
A clever, highly flexible combination of memory buffer/looper and (multi-tap) delay, modifier algorithms and automation - Chase Bliss Habit Pedal is an innovative "Echo Collector".
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Net price: €399.16

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220042_1 Chase Bliss Audio - Blooper
Blooper takes the approach of spontaneously captured phrase approach seriously and almost completely rethinks looping within a pedal.
€578.00 *
Net price: €485.71

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220043_1 Chase Bliss Audio - Mood
Two-channel intuitive granular-based microlooper/delay, created in collaboration with by Chase Bliss with pedal specialists Old Blood Noise Endeavors (USA) and David Rolo from Belgium (Drolo FX). Provides distinctive Oneohtrix Point...
€408.00 *
Net price: €342.86

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