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Led by Yiannis Diakoumakos, Greece-based company Dreadbox offer low-price entry level modules and desktop synths with a special focus on ease of use.

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180508_1 Dreadbox - Erebus V3
Erebus. Part 3: Presented as a sequel to duophonic, analogue Erebus V2 the new Erebus V3 is more of a reboot. It is quite substantially enhanced. With more of everything: Three Oscillators, two Envelopes, way larger Patch Bay. Thanks to...
€539.00 * €579.00 *
Net price: €452.94

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190149_1 Dreadbox - Hypnosis
Hypnosis features a spring reverb, a stereo BBD chorus / flanger and a digital delay with three algorithms plus freeze function.
€439.00 *
Net price: €368.91

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