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Dnipro is a new manufacturer from the Ukraine offering an interesting colorful pattern generator and CV controller/poly sequencer. 

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190644_1 Dnipro Modular - Dot
Dot is a handy tool for creating and managing rhythmic triggers in your system. Dot can trigger drums, create variable impulses or divide clocks in no time. Both generative and manual programming techniques can be combined. For example,...
€228.00 *
Net price: €191.60

In stock

210509_1 Dnipro Modular - Krait
Clever 3-Channel Knob Recorder, LFO, and Random Generator.
€288.00 *
Net price: €242.02

In stock

190310_1 Dnipro Modular - Metamorph
The Metamorph module is a three-channel, four-stage CV controller with built-in sequencer and glide.
€249.00 *
Net price: €209.24

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