Cylonix Cyclebox v2 Expander by Intellijel

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The expander works only with the V2 version of the Cyclebox. Following features can be enabled... more
Product information "Cylonix Cyclebox v2 Expander by Intellijel"

This small expander module for the Cyclebox V2 by Cylonix is manufactured by Intellijel and gives you direct access to some hidden extra functions integrated in the Cyclebox V2. Eight switches allow you for activating different modes like the LFO mode or Mega-Mode-Spread etc.

The expander works only with the V2 version of the Cyclebox. Following features can be enabled with the expander (please also see the Cyclebox operation manual from page 49 on):

  • no "thru-zero FM": prevents OSC1´s frequency from going below zero when frequency modulated. Instead it will be kept at zero which will sound different with strong FM at high frequencies.
  • alternative waveforms for OSC1: instead of the normal waveforms and wavetables other waveforms are read out. E.g. rectified waveforms or random waves.
  • Spread function in Mega-Mode: The frequencies of five out of nine waveforms in the mega mode will be shifted down or up in octave intervals.
  • One Shot: The oscillators 1 and 2 output a one-shot cycle at each sync impulse. If "IntSync" is activated, the cycle will be restarted continously at each cycle start of OSc3
  • Percussive: Fires an Attack-Decay Envelope that modulates gain and IFM and also detunes the VCOs in Mega Mode. Fixed attack time, controlable decay time.
  • Reverse Sync: reverses the waveform of OSc 1 and 2 when synchronised and makes a smoother soft-sync sound.
  • 2 Octave shift: transposes the Cyclebox two octaves up.
  • LFO-Modus: transposes the Cyclebox five octaves down.

HE: 3
TE: 4
Depth: 29
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"Cylonix Cyclebox v2 Expander by Intellijel"
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