Cwejman SM-1 Traffic Grey (Special Ed.)

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Wowa Cwejman's synthesizer designs have become classics.For many these modules are the pinnacle... more
Product information "Cwejman SM-1 Traffic Grey (Special Ed.)"

Special Ed. in Traffic Grey (light anthrazite, grey). A complete Dual-VCO Synth for your Eurorack: The SM-1 is an awesome entry into the Cwejman experience.

Wowa Cwejman's synthesizer designs have become classics.For many these modules are the pinnacle of Eurorack, to which they are very attached. A unique combination of interface design, high-quality components, clean yet characterful sound, a lot of engineering experience and precise tactility have been/are/will be an ear-opening experience for many!

The SM-1 is a complete voice in Cwejman style, featuring VCOs, VCF, VCA, envelopes, LFOs, ring modulation, and more. It has everything for a full monophonic synthesizer experience, and the numerous patch points leave all creative possibilities open. The sound of the SM-1, as expected from Cwejman, can be very clean, but it also has some special features to venture into raw and rough territories.

The SM-1 consists of five sections, two of which are the two oscillators. Except for a few waveforms, they are similar: there is pulse width modulation, internal VCAs, synchronization, and both have, in addition to the beautiful sine, triangle, and pulse waves, mixed waves, all containing a pulse and therefore responding to PWM! Oscillator 1 also has a noise source, and Oscillator 2 has a ring modulator that consists of VCO1 and VCO2 or VCO2 and external audio. Both oscillators are fully patchable except for audio outputs (damn!) and have well-chosen normalizations.

To the left of the oscillators is the master section, which has some great features up its sleeve. There is an octave switch, glide, and two LFOs that can have versatile waveforms, be synchronized, and go into audio rate! In addition, both LFOs track 1V/octave, allowing for tonal play and use as a third and fourth oscillator. Both of them go well into audio-range.

A special treat is undoubtedly the filter of the SM-1. It is the same circuit as in the MMF-1. It has this special organic-acoustic character. In addition to the classic low-pass, band-pass, and high-pass modes, the filter modes also include modes with two peaks! The spacing parameter allows you to place these two peaks relative to each other, creating vowel-like sounds and fantastic filter sweeps. Depending on mode both Peaks are resonant and can be driven to self-oscillation.
Additionally, there is a saturation switch (a la MMF1S) that can choose between two saturation types. Here, you can lead your SM-1 into rough terrain and give it new edges and corners - precisely.

Finally, there are the two envelopes, which also contribute significantly to the SM-1's sound! They always sound very musical and are full of sweet spots! Try for yourself! The loop mode here does not work as one might expect and only loops the AD-portion at high gates. This gives you ratcheting and trills. We suspect that this section is based on ADSR-VC2 with features borrowed from CTG-VC.

The SM-1 easily handles the classic monosynth soundpalette, but goes to "11" when you depart into more experimental territory. It is build from the well-known basic building blocks, but the sum of its parts is something else. Especially when you start self-patching this module.

Due to its high-quality construction, all Cwejman devices are absolutely reliable and maintain their pitch even in the hottest techno cellar. The SM-1 can stand on its own feet (maybe some attenuators are needed), but is also an excellent foundation for any Eurorack system.


  • 2 Oscillators
  • Ring modulation
  • Multi-mode filter with two peaks
  • Saturation
  • 2 LFOs with synchronization and V/oct.
  • 2 Envelopes with loop function and fully CV-controllable
  • Master section with transposition and glide
  • Extensive patch possibilities

External videos:

HE: 3
TE: 56
Depth: 29
Power consumption +12V: 150
Power consumption -12V: 120
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