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Hailing from Den Haag (Netherlands) Cosmotronic just entered the market with their excellent Delta-V, a compact dual function generator with integrated VCA.

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200199_1 Cosmotronic - Cosmix
Cosmix is an 8-channel stereo mixer with a built in analog stereo dual band maximizer.
€275.00 *
Net price: €231.09

In stock

190407_1 Cosmotronic - Delta-V
Delta-V features two function generators with additional VCAs. The components are matched very well. Their sound is clean and free of clipping. Used as envelopes, the function generators are ideal for crisp, percussive sounds. In LFO...
€215.00 *
Net price: €180.67

Pre-Order possible
Expected to arrive
on: 1 August 2022

210568_1 Cosmotronic - Messor
Messor is a versatile stereo compressor module with some special capabilities, CV inputs for Attack, Release and Filter cutoff. The Gain CV controls the makeup gain, but also doubles as a Stereo VCA with the Gain knob off.
€219.00 *
Net price: €184.03

Pre-Order possible
Expected to arrive
on: 15 August 2022

210569_1 Cosmotronic - Peradam
Peradam is a distortion module that does all sorts of ungodly things to the input signal - technically, it's a sidechain distortion that can be described as the evil brother of a compressor.
€264.00 *
Net price: €221.85

In stock

210570_1 Cosmotronic - Vortex
The Vortex is a 100% analog dual VCO with waveshapers, through-zero capabilities and pre-patched FM possibilities - a true Complex VCO.
€748.00 *
Net price: €628.57

In stock