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210801_1 Conductive Labs - MRCC 2U Rack Ears
The MRCC is a great tabletop device, but you can also mount in your standard 19-inch rack with the handy 2U Rack Ears.
€44.00 *
Net price: €36.97

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220526_1 Conductive Labs - MRCC 880
Conductive Labs' MRCC 880 is a compact MIDI routing solution for both live and studio use.
€248.00 *
Net price: €208.40

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210799_1 Conductive Labs - MRCC MIDI Router Control Center
Is the MRCC the reinvention of the MIDI Router we have been waiting for? Everyone using MIDI in their studios (so probably all of you) can streamline their workflow with the MRCC.
€568.00 *
Net price: €477.31

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210800_1 Conductive Labs - MRCC Remote 7
The Remote 7 MIDI extender cleanly extends your MRCC with 5 routable MIDI outputs that you can use on the other side of your studio, or in different room within the 10m radius.
€78.00 *
Net price: €65.55

Pre-order - Delivery date t.b.d.

200221_1 Conductive Labs - NDLR
NDLR ist ein Arpeggiator/Sequencer/Akkord- und gestimmter Drone Generator der biszu acht Midi-Instrumente gleichzeitig bedienen kann.
€468.00 *
Net price: €393.28

Currently not available

220527_1 Conductive Labs - XpandR 4x1
The XpandR 4x1 from Conductive Labs is an extension for the flexible MRCC, but can also be used standalone.
€99.00 *
Net price: €83.19

In stock