Buchla 230e Triple Envelope Tracker / PreAmp

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Down south we find three pre-amplifiers that can boost level +10dB, +250dB or +40dB. Due to the... more
Product information "Buchla 230e Triple Envelope Tracker / PreAmp"

The 230e also contains two different circuits. The bottom section is three individual pre-amplifiers for instrument or microphone signals. They are normalized to the upper section which features three individual envelope trackers with pulse generators. The envelope trackers can be used directly, without the pre-amps.

Down south we find three pre-amplifiers that can boost level +10dB, +250dB or +40dB. Due to the combined XLR/TRS input sockets they're suitable for amplifiying microphones or instruments. Balanced or unbalanced signals can be connected and it's also possible to activate phantom power for each channel.
The amplified signals are available at 1/8" outputs but are also sent to the envelope trackers' inputs. In addition there is a mix output for the mix of all three channels. The expand socket is an additional audio input.

Up north there are the three envelope trackers. Each channel hat a 1/8" output, normalized to the according pre-amp's output. The sensitivity can be adjusted and the level is dispayed with four LEDs. The CV output (0-10V) featrues a decay control (.1-8 seconds) for adjusting CV behaviour, e.g. when using percussive signals. The pulse output can react to amplitide changes, steady states or to transients.

Except the pre-amps' gains all parameters of 230e can be saved using a preset manager.

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