Buchla 210e Control & Signal Router

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Each matrix works individually, has eight inputs and five outputs. The selection of routings is... more
Product information "Buchla 210e Control & Signal Router"

Originally delveloped as a dual 5x8 patch matrix for saving patch cord routings, the module is capable of more due to the ability to scale signals while routing. You might use it as a deluxe attenuator, as buffered multiple but particularly as a matrix mixer or an aux send for FX!

Each matrix works individually, has eight inputs and five outputs. The selection of routings is done with two buttons, the scaling via an encoder, Scaling for the audio section ranges from minus infinity to +10dB while the CV section goes from minus infinity to unity gain. The scaling encoders have a pushbutton function which either mutes the selected routing (both LEDs off) or sets it's level to unity gain (both LEDs on)
If an input is routed to several outputs the signal will be buffered and there is no voltage or signal drop, unlike when using stacked cables. If several inputs are routed to one output the result will be a mix of the inputs.

distinctive features:

  • Audio section (signal router): the scaling allows for amplifiying the input signal (up to approx +10dB). When exceeding unity gein only the red LED will light up. If you press the encoder the level will jump back to unity gain. The INPUT SOLO button will mute all inputs but the selected.
  • CV section (control router): if several signals are put into one input socket (by stacking cables) only the signal with the temporarily highest amplitude will be read out. Very interesting when using several LFOs.
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