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210577_1 Boredbrain Music - eqx5
eqx5 is an effective 5-band equalizer for stereo signals. With the eqx5 you get the ability to quickly make adjustments to the frequency content of your stereo audio signals, even with CV.
€275.00 *
Net price: €231.09

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210576_1 Boredbrain Music - injectr
injectr is a fully-equipped interface to bring guitars and bass-guitars directly into your eurorack system, including an overdrive-capable preamp, versatile amp simulator, and control voltage extractors.
€299.00 *
Net price: €251.26

Pre-order - Delivery date t.b.d.

210578_1 Boredbrain Music - optx
optx gives you eight channels of high-quality Audio/CV inputs and outputs to connect your modular synthesizer to your computer, all that in only 8hp.
€389.00 *
Net price: €326.89

Pre-order - Delivery date t.b.d.