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180135_1 Black Corporation - Deckard's Dream MKII
Replicants are not clones! – Deckard’s Dream is a modern replica of the Yamaha CS-80. This mammoth of an instrument, which was released in the 70’s and weighs more than 90 kilos, not only influenced the music of the movie Blade Runner,...
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Net price: €3,529.41

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190235_1 Black Corporation - Kijimi
Kijimi is a modern eight voice polyphonic analogue synthesizer with a very nuanced, excellent sound. It has a simple, fully analog audio signal path and a complex, but always very clear modulation section. The source of inspiration for...
€4,093.14 *
Net price: €3,528.57

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200020_1 Black Corporation - Xerxes
Xerxes is an eight-voice analog synthesizer modeled after the legendary Italian Elka Synthex.
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Net price: €3,352.94

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