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180435_1 Patch & Tweak
Patch & Tweak is all about modular synthesis. The book explores and explains a range of topics relevant to anyone interested in modular systems. Besides an introduction to synthesis and its history, it covers different concepts, purpose...
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200262_1 Patch & Tweak with Moog
The wonderful bookseries from Kim Bjørn continues! This book focusses on the Moog company - its history, synth designs and features many patch tips - especially regarding the newer, semi-modular synths like Grandmother, Mother, DFAM,...
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190150_1 Pedal Crush
The Pedal Crush book contains everything – from starting out with a pedalboard to concepts, purpose, history and creative possibilities of specific effects and pedal types. Presentations of both popular and rare pedals, contemporary,...
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170332_1 Push Turn Move
Explore the world of electronic music – Push Turn Move introduces the reader to the concepts of pioneering musical instruments and their creators. 352 pages, full of expert knowledge, photos, illustrations and design studies, wait to be...
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