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The creators of the high-quality Bateleur VCO are Vienna-based creative tech company, who in their own words "are madly in love with Arts & Technology".

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150265_1 Birdkids - Mixer / Noise
Exactly as you might expect it this module combines a mixer and a noise generator. Latter is pre-patched to one of the mixer channels but can be removed from the mix and tapped separately.
€96.50 *
Net price: €83.19

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150264_1 Birdkids - The Bateleur Expander
The Bateleur is expanded to include more functions for it's filter and VCO and it now even has VCA funtions. Now it is possible to control the resonance which is only switchable on the main module and with the expander you can use the...
€86.76 *
Net price: €74.79

In stock

150211_1 Birdkids - The Bateleur VCO Mk2
On constant sale as long as stock lasts: The Bateleur VCO is an oscillator offering Thru-Zero FM and a massive sound. The module includes a separate four-pole low pass filter to also offer an additional sine wave in self-oscillating...
€457.18 *
Net price: €394.12

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