Atomosynth Krakken

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2VCOs with tune controls, octave switches and volume controls. Waveform is switchable between... more
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Peruvian manufacturer Atomosynth´s new KRAKKEN synth is a very compact analog keyboard synthesizer with a floor space smaller than a vinyl record´s cover.The new version v1.2 now has a sturdy black metal case instead of the toxic green acrylic case.
With two VCOs, an aggressive lowpass/highpass filter and integrated glide the Krakken can generate classic monophonic leads, acid basslines and also crazy analog sounds.

  • 2VCOs with tune controls, octave switches and volume controls. Waveform is switchable between square wave and sawtooth.
  • Noise generator can be turned on  by a switch and has a volume control.
  • Glide parameter affects both VCOs
  • LFO switchable between square and triangle. Modulation destination can be filter cutoff or VCO pitch.
  • VCF with resonance. Selectable between low pass and high pass.
  • Envelope 1 has only a decay parameter and affects the cutoff frequency. EG1 can be turned off as well.
  • Envelope 2 has attack and release parameters and affects volume.
  • Octave Shift up/down buttons have 5 octave range and transpose the whole synth.
  • Keyboard with 25 keys. The Krakken can be controlled via MIDI as well and then converts the MIDI data into CV/gate-voltages

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"Atomosynth Krakken"
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