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The PolyBrute features 6 voices of polyphony with options for mono, unison, and poly voicing, as... more
Product information "Arturia - PolyBrute NOIR"

The mighty Arturia PolyBrute offers a remarkable range of features, including a Morphée touch and pressure-sensitive 3D controller and an easily programmable routing matrix.

The PolyBrute features 6 voices of polyphony with options for mono, unison, and poly voicing, as well as single, split, and layer modes. With this flexibility and the extensive modulation options, of which most can be recorded and played back in your DAW, the Polybrute can express your wildest musical ideas. The 61-key keybed, with velocity and aftertouch, ensures a responsive and expressive playing experience. It is complemented by pitch bend, mod wheel, and a ribbon controller, for very expressive playing.

At the heart of the Polybrute are two analog VCOs with slightly different configurations. In addition to the usual waveforms such as sawtooth, triangle and square with pulse width modulation, the first VCO has a wavefolder for the triangle waveform called Metalizer and the second VCO has a sub-oscillator. Linear FM and Hard Sync are also on board. The additional noise generator, which can produce continuous tones ranging from rumble to white noise, further expands the sonic possibilities. The oscillators and the noise generator can be fine-tuned and mixed with the Osc and Noise Mixer, which leads to the versatile filter section.

The PolyBrute offers two filters, the first is a distinctive 12dB/oct Steiner Parker filter with continuous LP>Notch>HP>BP morphing, along with controls for cutoff, resonance, and Brute Factor. Additionally, a 24dB/oct ladder filter with distortion adds character and depth to the sound. The filters are configurable in series, parallel, or continuously variable. The low-pass filter is built on the designs by Bob Moog and ensures a great bass sound, due to its gain compensation at high resonance settings.

In addition to the dedicated cutoff controls for the two filters, there is also a master cutoff control and adjustable keytracking.In addition to the dedicated cutoff controls for the two filters, there is also a master cutoff control and adjustable keytracking.

So far so good. We already have a strong foundation for versatile synths sounds, but the PolyBrute really excels at the modulation options. This synthesizer incorporates three envelopes with looping capability and three LFOs, each offering unique waveform options and shaping capabilities. The Morphée touch and pressure-sensitive 3D controller, as well as the ribbon controller can be routed to almost all parameters. Each preset can save two states that you can morph between and the modulation possibilities are further expanded with a 96-point digital patchbay with up to 32 destinations. Possibly the best attribute of the mod-matrix is its tactile visual interface. The way the mod-matrix is implemented makes it easy to compose dynamic polyphonic sequences, arpeggios, parameter motion recording and more.

There is also a versatile stereo digital effects section with modulation FX (chorus, phaser, flanger, ring modulation), delay with 9 algorithms, and reverb with 9 algorithms (including hall, plate, spring, shimmer). This extensive effects suite enhances the sonic palette, providing a wide range of textures and atmospheres, considering that the effects can be controlled by the mod-matrix!

With 768 preset slots, a 64-step polyphonic sequencer, a comprehensive arpeggiator, and matrix arpeggiator, the PolyBrute offers an abundance of creative possibilities. It ensures seamless integration into various setups with an entire recreation of its front panel as a plugin and bi-directional communication between the software and hardware! Of course, there is MIDI, USB I/O, and analog clock I/O.


  • 6 voices of polyphony with mono, unison voicing options
  • Single, split, and layer modes for diverse playing configurations
  • 61-key keybed with velocity and aftertouch for responsive and expressive playing
  • Pitch bend, mod wheel, and ribbon controller for additional expressiveness
  • Two analog VCOs with unique configurations, waveforms, and modulation options
  • Metalizer wavefolder and sub-oscillator for added sonic possibilities
  • Continuous LP>Notch>HP>BP morphing 12dB/oct Steiner Parker filter and 24dB/oct ladder filter
  • Configurable filters in series, parallel, or continuously variable modes
  • Three envelopes with looping capability and three LFOs for extensive modulation
  • Morphée touch and pressure-sensitive 3D controller, and ribbon controller for dynamic modulation
  • 96-point digital patchbay with up to 32 destinations for flexible modulation routing
  • Versatile stereo digital effects section with chorus, phaser, flanger, ring modulation, delay, and reverb
  • 768 preset slots, 64-step polyphonic sequencer, and comprehensive arpeggiator
  • Matrix arpeggiator and front panel recreation as a plugin for seamless integration
  • MIDI, USB I/O, and analog clock I/O for versatile connectivity.

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