Anyware Instruments Tinysizer

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2 VCOs that are inspired by the VCOs from Oberheim´s SEM. They feature integrated cv-able... more
Product information "Anyware Instruments Tinysizer"

The Tinysizer by Anyware Instruments is probably one of the smallest modular syntheiszers in the world. It can be placed upright like a PC monitor with the integrated stand. 340 (!) patchpoints are integrated in the form of high-quality multipoint connectors which are patched by jump wires. 30 of those "micro patchcords" are included, further ones can be purchased in local electronic shops.

  • 2 VCOs that are inspired by the VCOs from Oberheim´s SEM. They feature integrated cv-able glide, linear FM, PWM and sync (in and out). The waveshaper blends from triangel to sawtooths. Furthermore there are 3 sub-VCOs, fed by VCO2.
  • 3 LFOs with a wide frequency range. they can be reser and synchronized to MIDI.
  • 12dB State Variable multimode VCF á la Oberheim SEM. voltage controllable resonance and three separate filter outputs (LP, BP, HP)
  • 2 ADSRs, the first one is "slow", the second fast. Both feature inverted outputs as well.
  • microphone preamp, envelope follower and audio gate (extracts gate signals depending on the level of the audio signal)
  • DSP effect unit with delay and reverb
  • 4 linear VCAs. #1, 2 and 3 are identical while the 4th has additional gain and offset controls.
  • 2 mixers with positive and inverted sum outputs. Mixer 2 has a distortion output.
  • CV source, sandh, noise generators, ring modulator, 3x multiples
  • MIDI/CV interface with learn button, 4 gate outputs and 6 CV outputs.

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