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Jeff Norsworthy of Antimatter Audio is a musical instrument manufacturer located in Portland, Oregon.

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180035_1 Antimatter Audio - Crossfold
Antimatter Audio describe their newest module as a high-quality, eight-stage „cross folder“. It is a combination of a mixer with crossfader and a wave folder. According to the manufacturer, the Crossfold’s results resemble thru-zero FM...
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160114_1 Antimatter Audio - Launch Codes
Compact performance switch controller for generating triggers and gates. Used manually it provides you with triggers, momentary gates or latched/toggle gates, selectable per each of the five channels.In a sequential context it is a...
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Net price: €200.84

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160113_1 Antimatter Audio - Sub Ring
An utterly multi-functional mixer module which we recommend as a VCO mixer. Of course you can use it as a plain five-channel-mixer with 1.5x amplification, but due to smart normalizations this puppy combines the miximg function with a...
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Net price: €192.44

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180496_1 Antimatter Audio - V3KT
The V3KT from Antimatter Audio is a compact four-channel morphing vector mixer and quadraphonic panner for modular setups. The module consists of four interconnected sections which can be used in various ways, allowing to mix four...
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Net price: €175.63

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