Alyseum AL-88c

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The AL-88c can either be used directly with another AL-88c or any other CopperLan-compliant... more
Product information "Alyseum AL-88c"

The AL-88c is a CopperLAN interface with eight MIDI In/Out pairs. You can use it as a 8x8 MIDI patchbay, either very flexible in combination with a computer or directly coupled to other CopperLAN devices (peer to peer).
The unit has the same functionality and features like it's big brother, the AL-88 but at a way lower price for the sake of some reductions.

The AL-88c can either be used directly with another AL-88c or any other CopperLan-compliant device (peer-to-peer application) or integrated in a more complex network of CopperLan units. AL-88c's are supplied ready to use, the actual linking is managed via the CopperLan Manager software. This freeware tool is also used to monitor the status of all CopperLan computers and equipment. The box can be controlled from any computer anywhere in the network.

  • Auto-MDIX allows using straight-trough or cross-over UTP cable.
  • peer to peer MIDI transport, on a channel basis, remapping and merging.
  • peer to peer MIDI transport without mandating a computer.
  • Upgrading the firmware is done via the network.
  • Built around a pair of powerful 32-bit processors offering 240 DMIPS.

In order to keep the price low the manufacturer reduced some features: no individual LEDs for visualizing MIDI acitivity (only one LED at the ethernet socket). A smaller desktop case instead of a 19" unit. External power supply (included). No personal technical support. Not really bad, isn't it?

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"Alyseum AL-88c"
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