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The main oscillator has a frequency range of around eight octaves, playable via the 1V/octave... more
Product information "ALM Busy Circuits - SID GUTS DELUXE"

The SID GUTS DELUXE, an entire Eurorack synthesizer voice tailored around a SID sound chip* from the C64 computer, is the successor to the original SID GUTS module, with new features and inproved control. It has a main and a modulation oscillator, three waveforms and noise, an analog filter with four types and various cross modulation options. A perfect tool for friends of chiptune sounds!

*= A SID chip is not included and has to be sourced individually.

The main oscillator has a frequency range of around eight octaves, playable via the 1V/octave input. There are controls for coarse and fine tuning. If desired the VCO can be deactivated by a key combination.
Waveformwise the oscillator generates pulse, sawtooth, triangle and noise. Waveform selection is handled via the blue button and/or a CV at the Shape input. The pulse width is set and modulated in the PWM section.

The modulation oscillator is a secondary VCO which can influence and modulate the main oscillator by the means of synchronisation or ring modulation. Whether and how it modulates the main VCO, that is determined with the button and/or a CV at the Type input. The VCO can be played tonally using the 1V/octave input.

SID Guts Deluxe can generate three-voice chords, with the 1V/octave-CV defining the root note, the Chord parameter the type of chord and Invert the chord inversion.

The 12dB/octave steep multi mode filter offers four types: high pass, low pass, band pass and notch. Step between them using the blue button or a control voltage.
Both the cutoff frequency and the resonance are voltage controllable. The audio input makes it possible to filter external audio signals, now you understand why the oscillator mute function is integrated.

The module works both with Vintage SID chips, the early 6581 or the later 8580 as well as a modern hardware emulation "SwinSID". Latter does not support the external audio input, though.
Before installing the chip please read the user manual thoroughly.

External videos:

HE: 3
TE: 19
Depth: 40
Power consumption +12V: 50
Power consumption -12V: 50
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