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Acidlab from Rosenheim in Bavaria has gained a cult status with his products, which are improved and extended versions of Roland beloved classics. 

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130353_1 Acidlab - 19" rack 3U
Inexpensive 19" boat for Eurorack modules. 3U high, without a power supply
€90.00 *
Net price: €75.63

180478_1 Acidlab - 19" rack 3U
Inexpensive 19" boat for Eurorack modules. it offers two 3U rows with 84 HP each. A power supply is not included.
€150.00 *
Net price: €126.05

120207_1 Acidlab - Autobot
Autobot is the monophonic sequencer from the Bassline 3 in Eurorack format enhanced with some additional trigger outputs.
€320.00 *
Net price: €268.91

120209_1 Acidlab - Bassline 3
Acidlab´s Bassline 3 is a very close clone of the Roland TB-303 and has been complimented on it´s authentic sound and behaviour often. Luckily the original sequencer is not implemented but one that is easy to use and that can be played...
€550.00 *
Net price: €462.18

120208_1 Acidlab - Bombass
Analog synthesizer with a circuitry based on the TB-303 but modfied in many aspects. It offers two oscillators with sync and ring modulation, noise, a sub-oscillator; a filter with keyboard tracking, external audio input and FM as well...
€530.00 *
Net price: €445.38

150018_1 Acidlab - Drumatix
Replication of the good old TR-606 with more/new instruments, more parameters, triggering the instruments via MIDI notes, synchronization to MIDI Clock or DIN Sync and an integrated sequencer with shuffle.
€660.00 *
Net price: €554.62

In stock

120211_1 Acidlab - M303
The M303 is an entire synthesizer voice and to be exact a clone of the TB-303´s analog circuitry in a single Eurorack module. Imagine it as a modular vesion of the Acidlab Bassline without the sequencer but with aditional CV inputs instead.
€309.00 *
Net price: €259.66

120212_2 Acidlab - Miami
The MIAMI from well-known clone manufacturer Acidlab is a very good analog drum computer that´s circuitry is based on the Roland TR-808. It has an enhanced sequencer with real-time tap recording and a very authentic sound!
€880.00 *
Net price: €739.50

In stock

Acidlab - Power supply Acidlab - Power supply
Power supply for Bassline, Drumatix or Miami.
€25.00 *
Net price: €21.01

In stock

130195_1 Acidlab Robokop
Drum- and Trigger sequencer known from the Acidlab Miami as an Eurorack module. It has pattern memory, 12 trigger tracks, MIDI In, DIN Sync in and Out
€340.00 *
Net price: €285.71